Best NetEnt Slots

At the time when online casinos and virtual poker rooms were still in their infancy, Net Entertainment emerged. Along with a few competitors, they embarked on a grand mission to create the world of digital gambling. Anyone who is involved right from the start can always rely on a great deal of know-how and whoever has survived to this day, whose strategy has worked out successfully. Net Entertainment was founded in 1996 and has written just this success story. The founders had already gained a lot of experience in the field of casino and let these flow into the developments. That’s why the NetEnt Group is today one of the top three suppliers and suppliers ofinnovative games in this market.

NetEnt Casinos and Slots

The company itself describes that it has already launched over 200 high-quality casino games on the market. Class instead of mass is the motto here, because the competition started at about the same time and already lists more than twice as many titles in their lists. But NetEnt is about innovative games and novel features, while preserving the classics.

Everything started with them. We are talking about Roulette without download and BlackJack, and later Baccarat and Sic Bo. Just the well-known classics from the casinos, which NetEnt then brought into the virtual casinos to lay the foundation. Roulette and BlackJack are now available in different versions. The game rules were partly changed or new features added.

Video poker has also been around in casinos before the online casinos were invented. Whether with only one hand or 50, with or without Joker, yes even jackpots can be present in video poker. With Net Games like the “Football Cup” or “Tribble Mini” Net Ent tries to create a bigger variety. These include small lottery games and scratch cards. (Scratch Cards)

In the end, the majority but probably gathered around the numerous online slot machines. For the slot machines , the developers get an immense variety of design options. The classic one-armed bandits find the inclined player here less, but modern slot machines with different features and bonus symbols. From a payline to 50+ are represented here very different machines. Titles such as “Invisible Man” or “Aliens” have brought it to worldwide fame.


In order to give the players the same feeling as in the casinos, the integration of some jackpots was another important step. Where NetEnt not here on sheer mass sets, but rather offers a hand full of very interesting jackpots and markets them. Here, the jackpots differ in local and jointly managed prize money. Meaning, some jackpots are run separately by each online casino, while others collect the sum together. The latter then ensure correspondingly high jackpots.

Net Entertainment’s most successful progressive jackpot slot is called the “Hall of Gods” and often reaches a seven-figure value before it pays. This is closely followed by “Arabian Nights”. The 3-series Wonders titles (Icy Wonders, Geisha Wonders, Tiki Wonders) collect together for a jackpot, so that all three can be cleared the same amount. Away from the slot machines, two jackpots can be won at the Carribbean Stud Poker and Pro Series.


If you want to be modern in online gambling, you should not miss an important market today. Mobile gaming is becoming more and more important. Smartphones and tablets are becoming small casinos on the go. Thanks to the latest technologies such as HTML5 and more and more powerful devices, today high-resolution games can be realized that are in no way inferior to their big siblings on a PC. On the Youtube channel of Net Entertainment you can find out about such new ideas and in general to the company from Sweden.