If you are completely new to the casino world, you might want to take advantage of some offers that give you a casino bonus with no deposit. This is the perfect opportunity for beginners to try out many different casinos and then choose the one you like best! A free casino bonus without deposit gives you a small amount of money or a small number of free spins to play for, without having to deposit your own money. Thus, you get to try out the casino without risking any of your own funds, and thus find out whether you like it or not. By taking advantage of such offers from several different casinos, you will also learn a bit about what you find at the best online casinos. In the list below you will find the best offer of the year with no deposit bonus.

The list above contains a number of great deals that all players should take advantage of. There are a number of advantages to trying out many online casinos. First, you will get a free casino bonus with no deposit, which in itself is the most important thing. You get to play for free, without risking your own money, while having the opportunity to win real money from the casino. The story is full of examples of players who have won staggering amounts without depositing a single penny of their own money!


Another advantage is that you get to try out many different casinos, and thus get to know what level your new casino should be at. What kind of games should it have, how should the design be and what deposit methods can you expect? Many beginners have never thought of this, and settle for the first and best, although it can be cumbersome. You can avoid trying out different casinos using a free casino bonus first.

Another advantage is that after trying out a few different no deposit bonus casinos you will have playing accounts at a number of casinos. The advantage of this is that you will then get regular promotional offers and current offers from them. Such offers can vary from refill bonuses, the opportunity to participate in tournaments or promotions that are rewarded with nice prizes, to free spins or free cash distributed at new games and slots on a regular basis.

Experienced casino players know that it is always worthwhile to have an account with as many online casinos as possible, because over time it will provide a number of opportunities for free casino gaming. So pick your favorite offers from our list of free casino bonuses of the year and start enjoying yourself!


At some casinos you may encounter the phrase “no deposit bonus”, which is the English version of the free bonus without deposit. There are different types of this bonus, which you may have understood.

The most common form of Norwegian casino bonus without deposit today is without doubt free spins. In recent years, this type of bonus has grown in popularity both among players and online casinos. A free spin is a free slot machine game, but with real money. The casino thus gives you the chance to win real money without betting anything yourself. The most common thing is that the casino selects one or two slot machines that you are allowed to use your casino bonus for free, but at some casinos you are free to choose which games you want to play for free.

The other type of bonus you can get at a free casino with no deposit is money. Once you have created your account, the casino deposits an amount, usually between 50 – 150 kroner, which you can use in the casino. The difference between this and free spins is that you can choose how much you want to bet per game – a free spin has a monetary value of, for example. 20 free spins worth 10 kroner each. With free money you can choose to bet everything on a single spin.

You will find both types of offers in our list of the best bonuses at free casino with no deposit.

In recent years, many Norwegian online casinos have been launched , thus paving the way for a number of offers to potential new players at these online casinos. This is good news for all Norwegians, because it means you can get a Norwegian casino bonus with no deposit today! The advantage of Norwegian casinos is that they offer Norwegian language, deposits in Norwegian kroner and of course Norwegian-speaking customer service, which is always a plus!

A small set of terms and conditions follow with the vast majority of casino no deposit bonus offers today. This applies to both free spins and free cash. For the latter, it is usually that you cannot withdraw them immediately, but that you must transact them a certain number of times before withdrawals are approved. You may have to bet with them anywhere from 30 – 50 times before withdrawal. So if you get $ 100 in free money, you have to bet between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000, depending on the terms, before you can withdraw them. The same usually applies to the winnings you win with your free casino bonus.

In the case of free spins, the winnings you may win are subject to the rules and conditions. The most common thing is that your winnings must be wagered a certain number of times and meet the wagering requirement that the casino requires. In some casinos there may also be terms that say the maximum winnings that can be withdrawn from the casino’s money is NOK 1,000, or other amounts.