Casino Games Guide 2023

All about the best casino games on the Internet: The popularization of the Internet has opened new doors for gamblers worldwide. From the walk to the next best Spielothek has become a cozy evening in your own four walls. Better yet: The selection of casino games is gigantic and can be accessed in just a few clicks!

Experienced online casino users have long known about the thriving variety – newcomers, however, quickly question which casino games promise the best options and the most fun. Although tastes are different, the most popular casino games have been proven in decades and have taken a firm place in the gambling culture. Out of fashion they do not come so fast!

Slot Machines

No casino, virtual or real, can do without slot machines! The popular Slots have a rapid development behind and unquestionably witnessed the biggest rise: Were they in the past century, a little fun spit out the maximum chewing gum or snacks, today’s variants of the “one-armed bandits” with the most lucrative gambling options the chance of high money profit at all. Not infrequently, progressive jackpots are at stake, which occasionally attract attention even with seven-figure euro sums. The luck factor does not require any tactics or strategies: the first spin can be successful after only a few seconds with the bet and number of activated paylines.

Thanks to the unlimited variety of slot machines guarantee that no second boredom arises. Lucky Spins, Magic Wild Symbols, Gold Pots and Bing Wins are common, even jackpot games are regularly cracked. The newfangled representatives have first-class graphics, super high odds, their own intros and so many mini-games that even experienced casino friends like to use the free trial rounds for example at Merkur slot machines. There is no reason to complain about increased pressure in the popular slot games: The own abilities have no influence on the end result or the jackpot, since the only opponent is the random automaton!

Roulette Casino

A similarly easy-to-learn background has the roulette . The play on money at Kessel and Tableau is somewhat reminiscent of the difficulties and problems that human life entails: instead of always relying on the same process, one’s own future is uncertain and questionable. The truth of today can be turned upside down tomorrow! Roulette winners define themselves through predictions and a successful fight with the goddess Fortuna. In the style of successful slot machines, roulette is no guarantee of success. Effective considerations are possible, but will never shine with a safe cash gain.

Although tactical efforts do not have to be on the agenda, countless physicists have struggled in the past to create appropriate statistics and systems. However, especially in the online casino does not resort to a boiler failure, every player must rely on the house edge, which is partially under one percent with extra rules. In addition to the well-known variants of French and American roulette there are also fun offshoots such as mini roulette.


If the most famous casino games are mentioned, blackjack must not be missing! The card game has been thrilling for almost three centuries with a constant set of rules that challenges users to think for themselves. For a long time, blackjack was considered one of the few games that could be positively influenced, as it was possible to count cards or exploit the croupier’s rigid rules. Admittedly, even if all the cheating can be ruled out by the addition of more decks of cards, countless casino friends are first drawn to the blackjack table to chat with acquaintances and defeat the dealer. In contrast to poker, it is even explicitly encouraged to play together. Envy and resentment are completely excluded by the rules.

The fascination of blackjack has expanded worldwide and has become indispensable in modern casinos . Even in the virtual casino, the popular card game is inspired by an engaging charm that combines the hunt for the profitable 21 with the necessary ambience. No user should be afraid of being hindered by second-rate implementations or buggy programs in their hobby. The focus is on realistic simulations and high chances of winning. It is unlikely to be mentioned that the payout percentages are higher in the network than in the gambling center and different variants of blackjack games can be tested for free.