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It has probably not happened so often in your life that someone simply offers you free money. However, there must be a first time for everything. Did you know that nowadays there are many online casinos that regularly provide their players with free play money? 

In comparison with the other bonuses that are usually offered, you do not first have to make a real money deposit to get free play money. The result of this is that you as a player do not actually run any risk of losing. Are you also interested in receiving free play money and would you like to know more about it? Then read on and find out everything about receiving and betting free play money at online casinos!

What is free play money?

As the name suggests, receiving free play money (the no deposit bonus) does not require a deposit. It is literally money that is simply added to your account at an online casino. Well, of course, it goes without saying that there are certain bonus conditions that you have to take into account. For clarity, free play money is not the same as free spins . After all, free play money is actually a certain amount that is added to your account. Free spins only offer you the option to wager for free on one or more rounds on a particular slot machine.

Free play money as part of the welcome bonus

When you register at an online casino you will be able to count on a so-called welcome bonus in almost all cases . Every online casino is free to enter this bonus at its own discretion. Sometimes it can only consist of a deposit bonus, but in certain cases free play money is also offered. The amount of this amount may be rather limited, but this does not mean that you can bet it as a player without taking any risk. Please note, as stated, free play money is not always part of the welcome bonus. In other words, do you really want to be sure that you can win them? Then it is an absolute must first to compare the welcome bonuses at various online casinos.

Not just for new players

The above may suggest that free play money is only awarded to new players who register at an online casino. Despite the fact that free play money is in fact often part of the welcome bonus in practice, it must be said that loyal players are often rewarded in this way. It is not uncommon for free play money to be part of the so-called loyalty bonus that is used by many online casinos. Do you want to be sure that you don’t overlook any free play money bonus? In that case it is always worthwhile to subscribe to the newsletter of the online casino where you are active. Paying a daily visit to the bonus component can of course also be worthwhile.

How can you have free play money paid out?

Just like for other casino bonuses the case also applies to free play money that this cannot simply be paid out to your bank account, on the contrary. The free play money that is added to your account by the online casino is of course bonus money. In concrete terms, this means that you will first have to play the amount a certain number of times before it can actually be paid out. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the conditions for free play money are often slightly stricter compared to, for example, the conditions attached to a deposit bonus. This has everything to do with the fact that the online casino also receives some money with a deposit bonus. As a result, the financial risk for them is considerably reduced.




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