New Online Casino 2021

You may be wondering what separates new casinos in 2020 from the already established players in the market? We will of course help you familiarize yourself with the characteristics and trends you should keep your eyes open for in online casino 2021, and beyond.

The trends are not always linked to the course of the year, and often last for several years. Our focus in this text is therefore not only the trends and future prospects in 2020, but also those that have been established in the recent past.

Casino on mobile

It has long been a growing trend that players prefer to play casino on mobile rather than computer. In 2021, it is therefore elementary that an online casino maintains a good standard on mobile. Those who are now market leaders are the companies that have managed to relegate slow apps and websites to the past, and today offer flexible, user-friendly and clear websites that are adapted for use on mobile and tablets. Of course, the game selection must also be the same on mobile as on computer, and this is certainly the norm now.

It can be mentioned that several gaming companies choose to focus only on the mobile website, rather than offering both an app and a website. With today’s level of mobile devices and browser software, more and more companies are realizing that it is not necessary to have a dedicated app.

New online casinos in 2020 know that they must invest good resources in developing and offering apps and mobile websites that are solid and responsive. Slow and dysfunctional platforms do not need much time to irritate and chase away players, and new gaming companies in 2020 therefore know that these things must work smoothly from the very beginning.

Casino gimmick & unique casino 2021

One of the more noticeable trends that will continue strongly into 2020, and which will mark the development of the market and hobby, is gimmicks. The gaming companies are constantly looking for new and unique ways to reward and entertain their players, and many of them will not settle for just exclusive games. We have already seen gimmicks like Wheel of Rizk, Live Beyond Live and other unique inventions appear in the landscape. Although not all such stunts end in equal success, they are an important part of how online casinos try to stand out.

A new casino that is market-proven and knows what they are doing can quickly gain access to a razor-sharp market, by including a gimmick or ingenuity in their product that significantly improves the gaming experience. This can be almost anything, and it is impossible for us to know what the next big thing will be at the time of writing. However, it is unlikely that we will see a small or large upheaval during 2020.

Slot machines with a good gaming experience

Our expectations as players only get higher and higher as the hobby and the market develop. And this is not unreasonable of us either. After all, we have every right to demand a good gaming experience when we make deposits and try our luck. The slot machines are getting better and more exciting, with new and fresher themes, both known and unknown. Giants in particular, such as NetEnt, are responsible for the development of these video slot machines, and thus the continuation and “upgrade” of the standard.

In order for a new gaming company to be competitive in 2021, they have to make sure to offer the best and latest slot machines, with the latest themes and motifs. An online casino without games from game developers such as NetEnt, Quickspin, Play’n GO, Yggdrasil and other well-known brands, simply does not hold up. It is also important for an online casino to have some exclusive slot machines that are not available from anyone else – these should also be developed by the aforementioned providers. It is important for all online casinos to offer something that the competitors can not boast of, and for many the solution will be exclusive slot machines.