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A good casino bonus is something most seek when they start playing online casino. Clean scratch, it’s often the casinos with the best bonuses that also get the most customers. However, you should not be fooled by the right percentages or bounty sums. There are many aspects that are good to keep in mind when looking for the ultimate casino bonus. We aim, among other things, on turnover requirements that can make any bonus any time to a real bottom button in the end. In order not to sit and read all the nice rules and conditions that come with bonus offers, we have at CasinoXtra collected the best bonuses for you in a list. Casinos that have their bonuses listed here are serious and have the most enjoyable terms for their players!

How does casino bonuses work?

Many have just heard of casino bonuses in television commercials when different casinos base out a lot of sums that can be obtained if you register and become a customer. Casino bonuses are something that Swedish online casinos use to attract players. Casinona almost competes on who can give new players the best bonus. When you open an account and make your first deposit, this deposit will be matched with the bonus offered. The bonus offer consists of a percentage and a sum. The percentage will tell you how many percent of your deposit you will also receive in bonus. The sum in the offer indicates how much bonus you can get. For example, as a new customer, you can receive a deposit bonus of 100% up to 1000kr. This means that you who deposit 1000kr will get as much extra in bonus. Thus, your deposit amount doubles, giving you better opportunities to win in the casino.

The bonus amount usually also has a turnover claim attached. This means that the bonus first turns into real money when you meet the turnover requirement. Before that, you will not be able to make a withdrawal. Turnover requirements vary between casinos and you will always strive to find bonuses with low turnover requirements. Some bonus offers also require you to redeem your deposit amount the times you take a casino bonus in connection with your deposit. Therefore, it is always good to check out exact terms and conditions before stopping an offer.

Free bonuses without deposit

Of course, the ultimate happiness is to find a casino that shares a free casino bonus. These types of bonuses also go under the name no deposit bonus. These free bonuses were more common before but still there are a few casinos that actually give away bonus for free to new players. On the other hand, there are free spins available at most casinos at no cost. You can read more about free spins here on the site or check out other great guides who also describe everything about these offers. For free bonuses, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Free bonuses usually have higher sales requirements than bonuses you receive when you deposit your own money. This is because no casino bonuses and offers are to be abused at the respective casino. Therefore, be sure to read the terms and conditions before you receive a bonus.

In addition to the free bonuses that a few casinos hand out to new members, there are also free bonuses for existing players. From time to time, gaming companies reward loyal members with so-called cash bonuses. This means bonuses that have no turnover requirements attached. However, as often said, only the most active players get these bonuses. And this may not be more than just because high activity will pay off. Most likely, a cash bonus is paid to highrolls that have not been played at the casino for a long time. The casino in question then uses the free bonus as a lock bet to get the member to resume his activity in the casino.

Filling Bonuses and Offers

Once you have become a casino customer and have taken part in the traditional welcome bonus, you do not have to worry about the end of the fun. Casinos do the most to keep their players and make them happy and happy. This makes it possible for Swedish serious casinos to always have ongoing offers. In these offers, there are often bonuses of different kinds. It may be about refill bonuses or reload bonuses that make you get some extra money to play for when you make a deposit. For example, you can be offered a 50% up to $ 500 bonus on your next deposit. For example, if you set $ 1000, you get $ 500 extra to play with. There are also other types of bonuses where you can deposit a certain amount and get a certain amount of extra to play for. In order not to miss any bonus offers, be sure to read our casino news and receive the newsletters sent by the casino.

Sometimes casinos do not announce openly about their ongoing bonus offers. Therefore, it may be good to occasionally log in to casinos where you have an account to see so you do not miss a valuable reload bonus. Sometimes you can see the bonus offer when you start making a deposit. Then a current bonus can be shown and you only need to tick a box to accept the bonus. This is because not everyone appreciates bonuses. This is due to the turnover requirements that most often come with the bonus. The votes about bonuses are therefore varied and it is up to the player if they want to take part in a casino bonus or not.