Online Lightning Roulette Basic Guide

In the past you had to go to a land-based casino to play games such as roulette, blackjack or baccarat with a real dealer. Nowadays you can go to online casinos to play these games as if you were in a real live casino. This live casino is provided by studios of a live casino provider. These are companies that specialize in offering live casino. They are divisors and croupiers so that they are entertainers in addition to sharing the cards or rolling the roulette ball. All this to give you the experience of a real casino while you sit quietly behind your computer or mobile phone.

Live sharers in the online casino

In order to give you the best possible feeling that you are in a real casino, we work with live sharers. These are real people who shuffle the cards and share the cards from the studio. They are at the table to welcome you and you can socialize with them via the chat function. This is just like being in a real casino. The sharers are all well trained. This way, they not only learn the rules of the game that you are playing, but they also learn how to shuffle the cards properly and to share the cards professionally. In addition to this, they must of course be able to offer a bit of entertainment as well as a bit of expertise. You will also see that all sharers can keep talking and entertain while sharing and shaking the players.

Play live blackjack at the online live casino

Blackjackhas been one of the most popular casino games on offer in casinos for many years. You will also find this immensely popular game in the online live casinos. You play this game together with other players at a table. You will see in the lobby of the casino whether you can sit at the table or play a bet behind. When you sit down at the table you play the same as when you play in a real casino. You will see a real dealer shuffle the cards and share the cards to you. The big difference is that you place the bets via the computer and that you don’t put down real chips like in a casino. If your cards are dealt, you can indicate via the computer whether you want to double, pass or want a card. The dealer sees all your commands on a screen and there,

Play live roulette in the online live casino

Roulette is the game that you immediately think of when someone says casino. The well-known roulette wheel that spins and a croupier that throws the ball in the opposite direction. The ball spins and spins and hopefully ends up on one of your lucky numbers. In the live casino you also have a croupier who does all these things for you. You can bet on the computer and it will be deducted directly from your balance. And your winnings also go directly to your balance sheet. So you have no hassle with exchanging chips. The nice thing about the online roulette table is that the table is never full and you can always play along.

Play Live Lightning Roulette in the online live casino

Lightning roulette is a variation on the normal roulettegame and created by the studios of Evolution Gaming. With Lightning roulette you bet as much as with a normal roulette game. However, with Lightning roulette there are lucky numbers. This means that between 1 and 5 numbers get a higher payout value. This is always between 50 and 500x. So if you are lucky you can get back 500 bets on one number. Another big difference is that the numbers that are not affected by the Lightning have a payout of 30 times. Where this is 36 times with a normal casino game.

Play Live Baccarat in the online live casino

Baccarat the game you know from the famous James Bond casino scenes. Neat men in suits who put a lot of money on Baccarat or Punto Banco. This is also a very popular game in the normal casino and that is precisely the reason that you can also play this game in the live casino. With your computer you can indicate on which hand you put your money with a single mouse click. This is very easy to play online. If you are not completely familiar with the rules, you can of course just ask the live dealer for a brief explanation. The sharers are very helpful and competent.

Play Live Caribbean Stud Poker at the online live casino

Caribbean Stud Poker the game where you have to beat the casino with 5 cards and if you have a nice combination you can also get a nice bonus payout. In a land-based casino you play with a maximum of 6 people at the table and everyone gets their own hand. If you play Caribbean Stud Poker in the online live casino, one hand is dealt to all players and you can place your bets on it. You can bet on the hand and also play separately for the 5 + 1 bonus and the jackpot. Furthermore, the rules are the same as when you play in a normal casino.